On the first episode of BTS, Alexi invites you to meet her inner circle in a behind-the-scenes conversation with two of her good friends and fellow influencers, Natalie Ellis and Emily Gallagher. The trio openly talk about the things they normally save for their private conversations, so you know it’s gonna be good! 

Natalie, Alexi, and Emily peel back the curtain on the critical things they wish they knew before starting their businesses. They each share the top 3 things that could’ve saved them time, money, stress, and frustration – and would’ve helped them accelerate their success. 

They dive into the behind-the-scenes of what it actually costs to build a business – not only in terms of money but also in time, energy, and pressure. They dish the details on building an epic team and what it really takes to be an entrepreneur. You’ll definitely want to hear their takes on the societal belief that achievement equals success, how that plays on the stress addiction loop, and what they did to break that cycle. 

The trio also discuss their struggles with imposter syndrome and self-actualization. They chat about the power of relationships and friendships, being surrounded by people who are “killing it”, and how it’s a game-changer in the inspiration for your business and your mindset of being unapologetically ambitious. Don’t miss their insights into the importance of showing up in excellence in all areas of your life and how that affects business and personal relationships.




  • The critical things you need to know when starting a business in order to be successful and how to build an epic team
  • Accelerating your success by implementing strategies that will save you time, money, stress and frustration as an entrepreneur
  • What it actually costs to build a business in terms of money, time, energy and pressure
  • The stress addiction loop, struggling with imposter syndrome, and how to break the cycle

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EP 9: (#BTS Takeover) How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome, Break the Stress Addiction Loop, and Accelerate Your Success with Emily Gallagher and Natalie Ellis







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