On this #CandidConovs episode, I sit down with an amazing friend of mine Michelle Jeovanny and we get real on what most people aren’t talking in the Coaching industry.  We chat about everything from integrity with the work and with our platform, to how we all need to be thinking bigger when it comes to our future vision….and income. Michelle also shares her crazy inspiring story about how she went from being homeless in NYC to creating multiple businesses and streams of income, all while continuing to make a deep impact on the world.

Michelle Jeovanny is a serial entrepreneur, a global transformational facilitator, speaker, and certified life and business coach. She owns an impressive real estate portfolio, an import business and a personal development company, as well her non profit Acid Love that supports women and children in India and Dominican Republic with basic needs and education. She also owns an online fashion and accessories store with her sister called Little Miss Big Time. Michelle is launching her CBD company this Fall. She travels the world speaking and mentoring adults and the youth on living their full potential now. She’s an unwavering stand for people to realize their dreams and live a life of freedom, purpose, connection and service (which is why I love her so much!) To learn more about her check out her website: michellejeovanny.com and be sure to follow her on Instagram at @michellejeovanny.




  • Her story about how she left a household of abuse in the Dominican Republic, became a “runaway” and eventually ended up in NYC where she was homeless until creating her way towards a degree, a job on Wall Street, and eventually the life of her dreams. 
  • What it truly means and requires to be an “influencer” 
  • Why most coaches and “influencers” in the industry are thinking too small, and need to consider passive income to create true financial freedom
  • How most people aren’t willing to be bigger than their excuses or current limitations


EP 14: What You Need To Know About Influence, Passive Income, and Your Perceived Limitations with Michelle Jeovanny







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